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What is Digital citizenship?

“Digital citizenship” is the ability to move through our digital spaces safely and responsibly and actively participate actively and politely. “Digital citizenship” is the ability to use digital technologies safely and ethically and be an active and respectful member of society both online and off.

We live and interact in the digital world just like in the real world, but we are only sometimes aware of how we act online. Occasionally, we need to consider how we will affect our reputation, safety, or growth as digital citizens. In the meantime, our online habits continue to shape and define our digital lives and selves.

Both online and offline, digital media open up new ways to participate, communicate, and bring about social change. As active digital citizens, we need to ensure that what we do online has an effect.
Who are digital citizens?

Besides understanding what “digital citizenship” means, it is important to know to who it applies. We can go back to our open step to find out more. A “digital citizen” learns the skills and facts they need to use the internet and other digital technologies well.

They use digital technology and the internet honestly and righteously to talk to people and get involved in society and politics. A person who uses digital technology today is a citizen of the digital age. On the other hand, a good digital citizen knows a lot about the many problems that come along with the amazing benefits of technology. Because of this, schools and other places of learning must teach digital citizenship.

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